Wosde Placemat 30x40cm Color Castagna + Color Ecru w/white stitching – rounded corners

$29.70 (ex GST)

SKU: 2501214
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Wosde Placemat / Coaster

Create a new look for your restaurant or bar with these stylish Italian Made Vegan Placemats and Coasters.

Wosde pride themselves on creating beautiful and sustainable solutions for furnishing tables.
Years of research and new technology have resulted in a vegan leather that enjoys the look,
feel and visual appeal of real leather with the added benefit of being water and oil repellent,
stain resistant, and long lasting.

These elegant Coasters and Placemats are double-sided creating a variety of decorative solutions for your Table or Bar FOH area. Use one side for your bright day service and the other for a more elegant night environment. A range with endless options that will bring style and value to your Restaurant, Bar, Hotel or Catering establishment.

Wosde make all efforts to work under the watchful eye of the European manufacturing
accreditation standards. They enjoy and remain committed to working closely with suppliers
to ensure they keep up with regulations, new technology and trends.

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