MAM Torino Static Wood Oven ⌀ 100 – Touch screen – Base finish – 4/5 pizzas


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Torino oven with rounded design. Left exposed, painted in the desired color, antiqued with rust effect, or covered with mosaic, it stands out for its modern and captivating look. Also available in the rotating version.

The rotation of the cooking surface is controlled by a Touch Screen panel that allows the pizza maker to choose from different speeds.

Installation is simple and fast: just connect the electric power and a small pipeline.

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Additional Info

We designed this static pizza oven to meet the needs of customers who have a restricted area dedicated to pizza baking and are looking for a compact, cost-effective solution.

Torino oven offers excellent value for money, featuring a pizza cooking surface and an insulating layer that are thinner compared to traditional pizza ovens.

It is a very versatile product thanks to the various available diameters, making it particularly suitable for installation in any type of establishment, such as bars, restaurants, or medium-sized venues that want to diversify the pizza dining options they offer to their customers. This pizza oven allows for efficient and high-quality pizza baking, ensuring that every pizza comes out perfectly cooked. Its compact design makes it an ideal choice for those with limited space but who still want to serve delicious pizza.

Additional Info
Weight 600 kg
Dimensions 105 × 105 × 190 cm

Made in Italy





Cooking base


Cooking Type


Pizza Capacity

4-5 pizzas


100 cm

Height of the cooktop

120 cm

Door Width

46 cm

External measurement

105x105x190 cm

Power Consumption

Kw 0.36 – Volt 220

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