MAM Milano Traditional Static Combi Oven ⌀ 140×140 – Touch screen – Base finish – 10/12 pizzas


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Milano shape is an external oven in self-supporting corrugated sheet metal, suitable to be left exposed or covered.

Ideal for those who want to cover or embed the oven according to the design of the room with masonry, drywall, panels, or fiberglass sheets.

Milano is available in a wide selection of colors to suit your tastes and decor.

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We consider our traditional pizza oven to be our flagship product.

We developed it in the 1970s and have since modified it to further enhance its performance. It remains to this day the most well-known and appreciated oven by pizza makers worldwide.

Ideal for pizzerias that want to maintain the tradition of a static pizza oven without sacrificing excellent cooking quality. Our traditional wood-fired oven is prefabricated, composed of vibrated refractory material, and can also be supplied with a gas burner.

The MAM traditional oven is constructed with 9 pieces of 10 cm thick cooked vibrated refractory, allowing for maximum performance with minimal consumption.

It cooks pizzas in a maximum of 2 and a half minutes. The MAM traditional oven lights up in just 15-20 minutes, as it maintains almost unchanged temperature from the previous evening.

Additional Info
Weight 1800 kg
Dimensions 185 × 180 × 200 cm

Made in Italy





Cooking base


Cooking Type


Pizza Capacity

10-12 pizzas


140 cm

Height of the cooktop

120 cm

Door Width

54/68/82 cm

External measurement

185x180x200 cm

Power Consumption

Kw 0.36 – Volt 220

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