Elementi Breadstick Holder 4.5×13.5cm – ELEM.12


Available on order. Minimum order: 8 or multiple. Hand Made in Italy. Air-Freight Charge Optional

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Breadstick Holder






4.5 x 13.5H cm



Like in architecture, but also in nature, it is only the union of different elements to guarantee the final balance.
This harmony exists also in the mis-en-place and this collection, in particular, wants to offer to chefs original and stylish solutions to complete the service.
Some items are inspired by natural shapes or by objects of our daily life, and always give a touch of novelty to the table; some other items combine a modern and chic design to the functionality during the usage, as you can find for example in the slender lines of the creamers, glazed internally, but mat outside.

Items of Elementi collection, taken individually or as parts of a total set, are born to amuse and strike always a chord with their audacious immediacy.