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Cultivating Growth to seed our FUTURe 

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Menu Moda by Dag Style
by Dag Style

100% Made in Italy

Denox containers Made in Spain
Su Misura by Royale


at Niccolai we deliver great brands with unique products in the market
New ideas, new trends, new products are the main service provide to the Australian and New Zealand market

Importing & Distribution
Our warehouse in Sydney have a full capacity of stock to distribute to all our customers in Australia and New Zealand
Branding & Decorative Design
We provide a full branding experience in all our products. Menu, Napkins, Cutlery, Plates, Glasses .... bring your logo in front of your customer
Consolidating orders
With many logistic centres around the globe we provide a service to consolidate your orders before to be sent to your warehouse
Consulting & Innovation
Over 25 years experience across Europe and Australia bring experience and knowledge about manufacturer and products